Anyone noticed how many cool plug-ins are released these days? My desk is filled with all kinds of stuff that will get reviewed the next couple of weeks. When we started running reviews here at, the aim was to publish at least one review every week, now it seems like there will be more because there is so much piled up, which of course is great news!

In this pile we find products such as the entire FabFilter line, which is a more experimental type of plug-in, a department that’s still weak in the RTAS world, and the new Nexsyn from KeyToSound. I don’t know what the guys at KeyToSound have done in the past, but this synth looks very promising, on top of that they’re about to release an effects pack as well, which I’ll review as soon as I get my hand on it.

Speaking of soon-to-be-released-products, anyone know what happened to the Melodyne upgrade that was due to be released in late april? I have been waiting for the new EZX Nashville Drums as well, which is finally shipping, this particular EZX should be a valuable addition to me as a songwriter and the EZX line in general. Of course you have read about the two new EZXs that have been announced, we’ll see when those land here.

At least as interesting are the upgrades and new presentations from Flux, like an upgrade for Epure, AU versions of all their plug-ins and, last but not least, an entirely new product… Ooops! Did I say that? Expect it to be announced sometime this month. I’ll bring you the news and the specs as soon as I have them.

What’s more is that it looks like the new URS Channel Strip Pro will be released this month. Well, boys, I want to see it as much as the next guy, but don’t get your hopes too high, it has after all been delayed A LOT in the past.

Another thing, there WILL be a part 3 in the Spotlight on EQs, probably posted next week or the one after that. There is a possibility of a part 4 as well, but we’ll have to see about that. Other than that you can expect to see a Spotlight on compressors in the future.

Lots of great stuff coming up in other words, the sad thing is that summer has arrived here in Scandinavia and all I want to do is go outside… Sigh… And I recently said yes to more work! Well, well, I’ll be the pale vampire this year too, at least I’ll have lots of new plug-ins to play with!

Over and out…