Pro Audio DSP is a new company consisting of Paul Frindle (who worked on the the SSL E- and G-Series, the famous ‘Oxford console’, and more recently the Sony Oxford plug-ins), Paul Ryder (OXF-3, Sony Oxford), and Ant Scott (Sony Oxford, CEDAR). The companies first release is a RTAS plug-in called Dynamic Spectrum Mapper.

From the Pro Audio DSP website

The Dynamic Spectrum Mapper (DSM) provides multi-dimensional control over both the spectral response and dynamic characteristics of audio programme, bringing a whole new dimension of facility and artistic ability to the sound engineer.

Novel processing and programme capture algorithms provide the ability to achieve exemplary results in common tasks such as –

  • programme compression
  • loudness enhancement
  • de-essing and vocal character processing

Furthermore, the ability to capture, modify and re-apply the spectral characteristics of programme is a powerful creative tool in all stages of the production cycle, from recording and mixing to mastering stages –

  • personalise mixes
  • match-up sonic characteristics of different tracks
  • new class of dynamic effects in level and frequency

Pro Audio DSP