Dangerous Music, Inc. has shipped their first units of the “DAC ST,” a stereo digital-to-analog converter option for their Monitor ST controller. The DAC-ST is the first available option in the line for the new Additional Switching System (A.S.S) one-rack space expander which can house up to two banks of two cards each, adding four additional functions switchable directly from the ST-SR remote.

The new DAC-ST greatly enhances the power of the Monitor ST controller for those users who must have exceptional digital-to-analog conversion and digital source switching integrated into their listening system. The new open architecture of the Additional Switching System expansion chassis offers customers an easy way to create their own custom integrated controller system. The DAC-SR 6-channel digital-to-analog converter option for ST/SR surround users is up next.

Said Bob Muller, Dangerous Music’s Founder and Co-owner, in the Dangerous Music press release. More from the press release below.

Offering mastering quality on-board stereo D-to-A conversion and digital source switching for Monitor ST, the Dangerous DAC-ST option delivers superbly accurate D-to-A conversion, instantly accessed from the Monitor ST remote control. Integrated digital source switching allows the user to monitor all digital sources through the same converter, which is crucial for critical listening, confidence monitoring and level matching. The DAC-ST takes the guesswork out of any digital monitoring task. Now it’s easy to compare a mix to any reference source, without the need to factor in differences in level and sound quality that exist when using several external converters.

All 4 rear-panel digital inputs on the DAC-ST accept AES or SPDIF formats and have active Thru outputs for routing these input signals to other devices. When the user needs to quickly hook up external units such as beat-boxes or keyboards that have an SPDIF output, the front panel dedicated SPDIF input saves crawling behind a rack with a flashlight. Being a truly professional system, DAC-ST can be calibrated to match your chosen studio reference level.

The Additional Switching System is sold as a chassis/power supply set with one or two user-selected options, each option having a specific price. Users can purchase a single option along with a chassis, then purchase a second option later and self-install that card; or purchase a chassis with two options already installed. Several other options are in the works including the “DAC-SR,” a 6-channel DAC for surround setups, and a companion to the Monitor SR expansion.

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