Oh yeah baby… My fear was confirmed (see the very last section). Again it stopped to work. Since I had absolutely no intention at all to sit and trash preferences every other day I decided to do some further testing.

In fact, as it seems, the solution is even simpler, but still very unsatisfactory. Start your computer with the Digidesign hardware already on and it works. Start the Digidesign hardware when OS X is already launched and it won’t work. I did this three times each and this was the case every time.

You might think I’m happy to find this. Not so. I don’t want to start my hardware before the computer, and even if I did, I find it ridiculous that I would need to.

The friendly tip from Tamas Dragon (see previous posts comment), is a workaround, but it’s not for me. I surrender, I’ll listen through something else. Are you embarrased Digi? I would be.