One of the big icons of Avid/Digidesign (sorry, pun intended) has left the company, and so has the head of AIR.

Dave Lebolt has resigned his position as Chief Technology Officer at Avid. I’ve been informed by Avid that his last day in the office was June 18. To me, and I think many will agree with me, Dave has been the face of Digidesign. He was the General Manager of Digidesign before moving to the CTO position which he has now left. Dave also interacted with the user base through his ‘Dave’s Dirt’ column in DigiZine.

I specifically wanted to know who will take his place, and got the reply that:

As for Dave, the responsibilities of his role will be absorbed into other Avid leadership roles.

Which of course doesn’t say a lot.

I’ve also heard (and this has also been confirmed by Avid) that Peter Gorges isn’t with the company anymore either. Peter was the founder of Wizoo, a company that was more or less rebranded as AIR when Digidesign acquired it. Peter followed, and I’m sure he’s been a major force in creating the AIR virtual instruments many of us use today.

I asked Avid more than once to comment on both departures, but all I got from them was a conformation and a “we wish them well in their new endeavors”. It’s of course not Avid job to know where Dave and Peter are going (rumor says Dave is heading to Apple, but it’s unconfirmed), but one can’t help to wonder if this were mutual agreements and what the reason behind both leaving was.

Again I have to question where this company is heading right now. Cuts have been made, rebranding done, and now two major players in the company – and in the audio division in particular – has left. The future is very uncertain to say the least.

I’d like to thank Peter for some truly awesome sounds, and Dave for the DAW I use day in and day out.