This striking work of art was made by GFXPunk.

It used to be that Digidesign was one face of a multi-headed hydra called Avid. Not long ago Avid went public that they wanted to merge their faces into one. Standing outside looking in, I can only say that recent actions makes the entire company look completely faceless.

Dave Lebolt, Peter Gorges and Scott Church. What do these names mean to you? Let me tell you what they mean(t) to me.

  1. Dave Lebolt – Kingpin, the big cheese and the face of Digidesign as a company.
  2. Peter Gorges – The face of AIR, the team that – at least to me – was there to connect Digidesign and Pro Tools to a whole new generation of music producers, among other things.
  3. Scott Church – Digidesigns only real arm stretching out to the end-user.

They are in other words ‘connection symbols’. Whether this is true or just illusions of mine are actually completely irrelevant. You see, symbols are important, and what makes up a corporate image and face.

Thus I state that Digidesign is now faceless.

We can speculate how much we want about the departures, but it won’t really get us anywhere other than to a forest of rumors. What I do want to ask Digidesign or Avid, or whatever they want to call themselves, is this:

What will your new face be?

A ripple of doubt has been sent through the end-users. A new face is promised in a press release with statements from a leader that has now resigned. What will you do Avid/Digidesign to restore faith in your operation? What is your intention now? What are your plans for the future? What face will you mold now? All over the web the haters are laughing while your followers are questioning where you’re leading them.

You ask me? I’m glad you did.

Present us to the icons that will make out your new face. Conquer the web (it’s slightly ridiculous to see that no audio company has understood just how much there is to gain by doing this – not even Apple!). Give us an indication of the future, a teaser, a trailer that doesn’t really say anything other than “we’re on it!”. Preferably in that order, but feel free to shuffle it up if it interferes with your current schedule… Do it all at the same time.

All of that is of course just PR. There’s still so much to be done software- and hardware-wise. But this is something I believe Avid knows (and it’s another post anyway). Lets just hope that they have their priorities right and that some of the rumors floating around are nothing more than figments of frustrated users imagination.

PR, it almost has a bad ring to it, but it’s important now. You need to reconnect with the people that made you the standard. You need to listen to them and you need to grow new arms to stretch out to them. If you don’t understand that Avid, then you’re doomed.