Venue D-Show 2.8.1 software upgrade is now available for $149. News includes, among other things, VCA and Group Spill.

Here’s what’s new:

VCA and Group Spill – Temporarily brings channels assigned to a VCA or group immediately to the top of the console.

Cue on Mains Fader – Provides fast access to the monitor (cue) bus using the Mains Fader, eliminating the need to reach for a rotary encoder. On Venue SC48, you can now access the Monitoring level control using one of the output encoders, or assign it to the Mains fader.

64 Input Processing Channels with Mix Rack – 16 additional input processing channels.

Enhanced Snapshot Crossfade – Channel Pan to the snapshot crossfade, allowing you to create special panning effects in your mix.

Store and Recall Tempo Settings with Snapshots – Speed up sound checks by preprogramming the tempo (in BPM or milliseconds) for each song in the set list. Whenever you recall a snapshot, all delay plug-ins that you set to follow the global tempo will automatically sync to this stored tempo.

Link Mono Matrixes in Stereo – Allows you to link two mono matrixes together as a stereo link and apply the matrix channel’s built-in delay to align the matrix to other outputs. Any changes made to one matrix will be mirrored on the other.

Copy and Paste Plug-in Settings – Copy and paste settings between any plug-ins of the same type.

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