In this post I’ve listed all the standalone applications I could think of that in some way aids Pro Tools or Pro Tools users. Some of them do very simple and specific things, tools that are just handy to keep around, others are large multi-purpose applications intended for the big production studios.

Note: Some of these are old, very old, and not intended for use with later versions of Pro Tools. I listed them anyway because, well, not everyone is using a later version of Pro Tools.

About Right Limited

Lok and Load – Plug-in manager for Windows.

Audio Ease

Snapper – Pro Tools and OS X integration for your audio files.

Bob Nagy

Skootch – Improves Pro Tools’ support for multiple screens on Windows.

Creative Network Design

NetMix Pro – Audio asset management for production music and sound effects with Pro Tools and Avid integration.


Tech Support Folder – Utilities and troubleshooting tools.
TL LabsFauxlder – Plug-in organizing for Pro Tools versions below 6.4.
DigiTranslator – Conversion tool.
MachineControl – Integrate and control external audio/video devices via serial 9-pin machine control protocols.
Satellite Link – Control multiple HD systems from one.
Video Satellite – Open and play Avid HD and SD sequences.
Video Satellite LE – Play QuickTime HD/SD video or Avid SD video from a separate but synced Mbox 2 Micro system.

Empty Music

Plug Tools – Figure out which plug-in is out of date.

Far Out Labs

ProRemote (iPhone/iPodT) – Remote for Pro Tools.
ProRemote LE (iPhone/iPodT) – Light remote for Pro Tools.
ProTransport (iPhone/iPodT) – Transport for Pro Tools.


009 – MMC to 9-pin convertor to add 9-pin functionality to Pro Tools.
ADRStudio – Adds additional ADR and foley functionality to a Pro Tools workstation.

Jean-Charles Deshaies

Pro Tools Prefs & Database Helper – A helpful tool for troubleshooting.
Pro Tools Multi Hardware Setup – A utility to save and restore multiple hardware setup.

Maison Sonique

PT Plugin Manager – Plug-in manager, disable and enable plug-ins.


iLok Client and Driver – For use with iLok.


Qwikn – Helps you with keyboard shortcuts.

Rail Jon Rogut Software

Region Synch – Transfer region definitions between Pro Tools and Sound Forge.

reFuse Software

reFuse – If you’re on OS 9, reFuse helps you to link ReWire applications.
Pro Tools Mode Display – A utility that displays which of six “switch modes” Pro Tools is in.

Slanecon Digital

Session Hub – An organizational system for Pro Tools that tracks your sessions.

Squish the Squid Productions

Start Jack for Mbox script – A script to automatically start Jacktools and make it work correctly with the Mbox.

If you know of any other, be sure to let us know.