Pro Tools 9.0.1 was released a few days ago, I haven’t tried it yet since I haven’t spent any solid time with my setup the last week, but there are a few major fixes.

On Windows, the Pro Tools 9.0 Update installer removed previously installed Pro Tools Creative Collection (PTCC) content files. (PTSW-134971)

The Pro Tools 9.0.1 Update installer for Windows leaves any previously installed PTCC content untouched. If you already installed Pro Tools 9.0 with the updater, you will need to reinstall PTCC content.

On Windows, with VocALign LE installed, Pro Tools 9.0 would crash on launch. (PTSW-134925)

An updated version of VocALign LE (version 2.9.5) is now available for Windows:
VocALign Project LE v2.9.5 (Windows) for DV Toolkit & original DV Toolkit 2 owners
Note: VocALign LE (version 2.9.6) for Mac does not need to be updated, fixed in next item.

VocALign plug-ins could not process audio in Pro Tools 9.0, and generated DAE error -7450 or displayed a warning dialog. (PTSW-133260)

In Pro Tools 9.0.1, VocALign plug-ins (VocALign Pro, VocALign Project, VocALign LE) can process audio.

On Mac OS X, EUCON-capable controllers using EUCON 2.5.6 did not record when in QuickPunch mode in Pro Tools 9.0. (PTSW-134916)

In Pro Tools 9.0.1 for Mac OS X, QuickPunch works with EUCON-capable controllers.

Pro Tools 9.0 was unable to update the firmware for any Avid/Digidesign Ethernet-based controllers, such as C|24, D Command, and D-Control, but not EUCON-based controllers. (PTSW-134903)

In Pro Tools 9.0.1, firmware can be updated on Avid/Digidesign Ethernet controllers.

The Pro Tools 9.0 installer replaced a previously installed Structure Full plug-in with Structure Free and deleted the Structure library. (PTSW-134827, 134887)

The Pro Tools 9.0.1 installer leaves any previously installed Structure Full plug-in untouched and does not replace it with Structure Free. If you already installed Pro Tools 9.0, you will need to reinstall Structure Full to replace Structure Free.

Pro Tools 8.0.4 and higher sessions would present an incorrect “Missing Files…” or “Some Regions had Invalid Bounds…” warning when you undo certain commands that remove audio files, save the session, and then open the session again. (PTSW-129321, PTSW-131342)

In Pro Tools 9.0.1, saved sessions no longer retain references to removed files. (Note: This may not fix sessions created with versions lower than Pro Tools 9.0.1 that present similar warnings.)

The cooling fan of the HD OMNI interface would produce excessive noise after a few minutes under certain conditions. (PTSW-130263)

The DigiTest 9.0.1 firmware update for HD OMNI (v.2.10) includes a new cooling algorithm that improves some user’s experience of fan noise without sacrificing cooling performance. To update HD OMNI firmware, run the DigiTest 9.0.1 application with HD OMNI connected to your system.

When attempting to preview an audio file too large to be opened by Pro Tools (4 GB or larger) in the Pro Tools Workspace browser, the audio file was truncated. (PTSW-128581)

In Pro Tools 9.0.1, audio files larger than 4 GB are not recognized by the Workspace browser (appearing as “Unknown” in the “Kind” column), so they cannot be inadvertently truncated.

Furthermore, there’s an additional fix for 002/003 users that will reinstall the DigiDioMidiDriver.plug-in that was inadvertently deleted when performing a Pro Tools 9.0.1 install or upgrade. This plug-in is necessary for proper MIDI functionality on 002/003 interfaces.