TDM and RTAS will soon be a thing of the past. They will continue to work in Pro Tools 10 but they will eventually be replaced by AAX, which will be available both in Native and DSP form. Pro Tools 10 will include the following AAX plugins: Channel Strip, Revibe, Reverb One, Impact (the three latter are now available in Native format as well) and Down Mixer.

AAX are 64-bit ready. And, believe it or not, there’s already 35 companies on the AAX-wagon, including some of my favorites like Cranesong, iZotope, McDSP, Softube, SPL and Flux.

The plugin to the right in the picture above is the new Channel Strip. The left one is the Mod Delay. However, the included (Digirack) plugins have been redrawn as well.

My comments: The move to a new plugin format have been talked about for years now. It’s hard to say anything about it really. I for sure don’t have the technical knowledge to discus this, hopefully I can get someone from Avid to comment on it later.

See what Russ at AIR Users Blog is saying about AAX.