Slate Digital Raven X1 production console.

Maybe it’s me getting old, bitter and harder to impress but I think the major trade shows have gone downhill the last few years. They brag about record amount of visitors but to me it seems like less interesting new products and fewer exhibitors. But Winter NAMM 2012 was an exception, at least product-wise.

Apollo could turn out to be a killer.

There were actually several interesting new products being shown this year. Among the most interesting things in my opinion were the new generation of interfaces. Both Apogee and Universal Audio told us that Thunderbolt is finally on its way. Universal Audio’s Apollo in particular looks like a wicked interface that definitely will be worth a closer look once released. Perhaps not as huge news, the RME UCX is still a welcomed addition in my book.

The award for most interesting release has to go to Slate Digital though, with the Raven X1 (pictured at the top of this post). It has gotten a lot of attention and looks like a wicked concept. Be sure to check in on the comments in the post linked above, Steven Slate himself is joining in on the conversation with lots of info. Somehow I feel like the monitors unveiled by the same company haven’t got the attention they might deserve. Perhaps the Raven X1 is clouding them a bit. I will be very interested in trying them once released.

Are Slates new Siren monitors getting clouded by Raven X1?

The trend this year was iPad/iPhone. So much of a trend that I actually wrote a post about it here and one for another website. Mackie and Behringer both want to connect our iDevices to mixers which I think are both interesting ideas. Auria on the other hand looks to be the new portastudio solution.

I love Moog but the MiniBrute looks wicked!

Moog and Minitaur might be a big deal to some but personally I’m more interested in trying the new MiniBrute. Very excited to see what Arturia can bring to the analog synthesizer table!

One area I feel was lacking was new high-end analog gear. Sure, there were some, as I have previously reported, but not a lot. Perhaps we’ll see more at Musikmesse that will kick off March 21st.

What caught your eye?