Right in the middle of all my saturation plugin testing (more reviews coming this week) Brainworx decided to jump into the game with bx_saturator, a multiband M/S saturation plugin.

So what sets bx_saturator apart from the rest of the bunch is obviously multiband and M/S functionality. I have tried it quickly, need to give it a longer shake for a full review but I can tell you right now that it looks pretty cool. Because of it’s special features, I would consider it more of a mix bus saturator, rather than for individual tracks.

It offers a warm and subtle distortion which works wonders on individual signals and can even be applied to the stereo master channe in the M/S stereo model. Brainworx´ NEW “True-Split” crossover technology ensures that Mid and Side channels are perfectly in phase.

With bx_saturator you can distort not only mids and sides separately, but also the high and the low frequencies of the mids and sides, making it a very dissecting saturating tool. You’ll also find the mono-maker, one of my favorite Brainworx features.

I’ll be back with a review soon. Until then you can check out the demo. bx_saturator sells for $179 but Brainworx also offers a “30% off list price deal” for all owners of the bx_ALL 2012 Bundle.