Musicrow is giving ProToolerBlog readers (that means you buddy) €70 off Golden Ensembles 3 for Reaktor until August 31st.

Here is how Musicrow describes Golden Ensembles 3:

Synthesizers, effects, innovative and creative audio tools- everything is packed, with hundreds of presets ready to be used!

Golden Ensembles 3 includes the two mega-synths Ebola and Cobra, Bass Lab, and many other impressive synthesizers and instruments. In addition, it contains classic processor emulations like Vintage Chorus and Crow Plate Reverb, and unique sound design tools such as Executer, White FX and Sound Pilot.

Whether you are a music producer, a soundtrack composer, a mixer, or a sound designer- Golden Ensembles 3 will add new beautiful and unique colors to your sound pallete!

More details are available on their website.

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