ValhallaDSP, the company with the best name in the world (or at least so the viking inside me thinks), has released a new reverb – ValhallaVintageVerb. I’ll give you two reasons to get a bit psyched about it: 1) it might actually sound good! and 2) it’s 50 bucks!

So I guess I need to explain myself to any of the many newcomers to this site. I’m extremely picky when it comes to reverb and find that most plugins simply are sub-par. The thing is, ValhallaDSP is not just a cool name, they’re a company with some talent. Check out the freebie FreqEcho and you’ll see what I mean. Therefore, I think that this can actually be a reverb that even a picky bastard like myself might enjoy!

Let’s have a look at the details:

* ValhallaVintageVerb has a slightly annoying name but it makes up for it in pure awesomeness in the GUI. Very basic and no beat up 50’s toob hardware, but you gotta love the colors!

* It features eight true stereo algorithms (halls, plate, room, and so on) and three color modes. The color modes are interesting, one is emulating the 70’s reverb with limited bandwidth and everything, another the 80’s and the third is a more modern take.

Looks really interesting. If it sounds the part too, it’s a no-brainer. Let us know if you try it.