Lots of news from Universal Audio at this year’s NAMM show: Amp Rooms, new LA-2A and API EQ for UAD, as well as new features for Apollo.


Some news for the Apollo interface. Among them is multi-unit cascading, which combines two Apollo interfaces into a single system via FireWire or Thunderbolt. Providing simultaneous use of 16 analog inputs / outputs, including eight Apollo mic preamps, plus 12 digital inputs and outputs. And also…

The boost in Apollo connectivity is navigated via a redesigned Console application, offering better visual feedback, a new Mix-Merge mode, and a Pro Tools mode which greatly simplifies integration with Pro Tools systems.

Will be interesting to see this new “Pro Tools mode”.



As expected, Universal Audio didn’t stop with upgrading their 1176 emulations (old ones = bad, new ones = good), and now the turn has come to the Teletronix LA-2A. Again, they’ve not emulated just one unit, but three: “Silver,” “Gray,” and the original LA-2 model.

I’m very happy to see this. Now please give me new Fairchild’s and Pultec’s!


Been waiting for this for quite some – finally the API EQ’s (picture at the top of this post) for UAD have arrived! The two emulated are API 550A 3-Band and API 560 Graphic equalizers, two 500-series classics.

Designed by API’s Saul Walker in the late 60’s, the 550A and 560 modular EQs featured Walker’s signature 2520 op-amp and proportional Q circuitry. For the API 500 Series EQ Plug-In Collection, UA’s industry-leading circuit modeling team expertly captured the filter shapes, band interactions, and unique filter amplifier clipping behaviors of vintage API 550A and 560 units to exacting detail. The result is tight, low-frequency imaging that gives users that legendary API punch.

Being an API-fan, I really hope they did a good job on the emulation!

Available as part of an upcoming UAD Software release scheduled for February 2013, the API 500 Series EQ Collection will be available for $299US via UA’s Online Store.

Softube Amp Rooms

Now here’s something that I didn’t expect. Universal Audio has announced that Softube’s Vintage Amp Room, Metal Amp Room, Bass Amp Room and Acoustic Feedback Deluxe plugins will be released for UAD. These will be the first plugins for UAD from Softube.

Softube Vintage Amp Room — $199
Softube Metal Amp Room — $149
Softube Bass Amp Room — $149
Softube Amp Room Bundle — $299
Softube Acoustic Feedback Deluxe — $149

It’s no secret that I’m a fan of the Amp Rooms. If you’re simply looking for “amps”, rather than the full blown packages with a billion pedals and effects, then these are the ones you should check out.

Now wouldn’t it be fun if Softube ported their Trident A-Range EQ to UAD as well?