Here’s a handy tool that was shown at NAMM – Transceiver, a four channel insert station from TK Audio. Its main function is to convert +4dB balanced signals to unbalanced and back again. Each channel has a send level, the return has a gain control and a polarity switch.

TK Audio says you can use The Transceiver to do the following:

* It’s an insert station. Insert unbalanced gear such as guitar pedals and old echo fx into your DAW or consol.
* It’s an active DI-box with up to 20dB gain. Plug your favourite instrument into your collection of vintage gear via The Transceiver.
* It’s a reamp tool.
* It’s a Swiss Army Knife on stage. Hook up balanced gear on stage between your instrument and amp.

More details and hookup ideas on the TK Audio website.