You might have heard that UAD version 6.5.1 was released just a few days ago to resolve “sonic anomaly in the UAD API 550A plug-in”, according to Universal Audio. But beware, ProToolers, there’s a rather nasty issue hiding inside the release.

Critical Known Issue with Pro Tools

* Values for certain UAD plug-ins are lost when Pro Tools sessions created or saved with UAD v6.3.2 (or earlier) are reloaded with UAD version 6.4.0 or higher. Specifically, session settings for LA-2A, 1176LN, and 1176SE (the older/original plug-ins, not the recently introduced “Collection” plug-ins) will revert to default values. If the session is saved in this state, any customized settings for these plug-ins are permanently lost.

We are actively working on resolving this issue for a release in the near future.

Additional notes about this issue:

* The issue applies to both Mac and Windows platforms.
* Any/all UAD plug-ins used in sessions created with UAD v6.4.0 or higher do not exhibit the issue.
* To use sessions created with UAD v6.3.2 or lower in UAD v6.4.0 or higher, the plug-in settings can be saved as a preset using the UAD Toolbar in UAD v6.3.2. These presets can then be loaded with the UAD Toolbar in UAD v6.4.0 or higher to recover the plug-in values.
* UAD v6.3.2 can be downloaded from the UAD Software Archives page.

Therefore, if you’re working on a session with UAD plugins inserted you might want to wait with updating until the issue has been resolved. Hopefully it won’t be too long.