Our friends at Westlake Pro have an event coming up next week (5/29) at their shop in Los Angeles, featuring Grammy-winning engineers/producers Alan Sides and Darrell Thorp, who will be presenting the new line of monitors from Ocean Way Audio. Head here to register to attend: http://bit.ly/27e1Srs

The folks at Westlake Pro asked Darrell for his top 5 Pro Tools tips – here’s what he had to say:

1. Learn the quick commands. It helps edit and navigate PT.

2. Customize quick commands with Mac OS X.

3. Use trim plugins at the end of your plugins chain for static mix levels. It helps keep your faders closer to 0 when automating – and trip plugin has a “phase” button.

4. Don’t use “bounce to disk”. Print tracks back into PT.

5. Back up your data all the time!!!