Mojave Audio

Mojave Audio was founded in 1985 out of the Fullerton, CA garage of David Royer. If that name looks familiar it’s probably because David is the founder Royer Labs. David founded Royer Labs in 1998 and reinvigorated the dwindling ribbon microphone marketplace. Both companies have a commitment to making outstadning microphones for professional studios the world over. Mojave’s latest entry into the world of microphones are the MA-301fet, the MA-300, and the MA-1000.

The Microphones

The MA-301fet is a solid state mic and it uses a FET instead of a tube with a K67 style capsule and a Jensen transformer. FETs have more presence where a tube might smooth out some frequencies. The MA-301fet is best suited for rock vocals and voice over artists.

The MA-300 is Mojave’s large diaphragm tube condenser microphone with a variable polar pattern. It has a high pass filter and an attenuator. The tube on the MA-300 is great for smoothing things out and creating some harmonic content. The included power supply has a continuously variable pattern selector which can be selected anywhere between omnidirectional, through cardioid, to figure of eight. For vocals Dusty recommends dialing it in just right of the cardioid pattern. The MA-300 is Mojave’s most popular microphone and for good reason. It sounds great!

The MA-1000 is the new flagship microphone from Mojave. It features the Slingshot Shockmount from Royer Labs and ships with a Mogami cable. The MA-1000 is a tube microphone that features an original new old-stock 5840 tube, 251-style capsule, and custom designed transformer built by Coast Magnetics. It also comes with the same power supply as the MA-300 for selectable pick up patterns. Other features of the MA-1000 include switchable 15dB pad and switchable bass roll-off.

We had our own Cloie Wyatt Taylor visit legendary producer/engineer, and Mojave President, Dusty Wakeman to demo the MA-301fet, the MA-300, and the new flagship MA-1000. You can check out the demonstrations in our 4 part video series below. If you are in the market for one of these Mojave condenser microphones be sure to reach out to our friends at Westlake Pro if you want to try one for yourself or get a great deal. Visit or give them a call: 323-845-1145

Part 1

In part one Dusty and Cloie discuss the history of the company including how Dave Royer founded Mojave Audio.

Part 2

In part 2, Cloie and Dusty demo the MA-301fet.

Part 3

In Part 3 Cloie and Dusty demo the MA-300.

Part 4

In Part 4 Cloie and Dusty demo the MA-1000. Dusty also shows all 3 microphones dry and with some EQ and reverb.