Today is day 1 of the 141st Audio Engineer Society convention. It’s hot day in Los Angeles, but fortunately for audio geeks the Convention Center is nice and cool!

Highlights of day 1 so far have been brand new products – Warm Audio’s WA412 was an exciting surprise, packing 4 modified versions of their popular WA12 1/2 rack preamp into one convenient rack unit. We haven’t heard it yet, but it sports XLR ins and outs, as well as balanced 1/4” outs, on each channel.

API also debuted the XLS Legacy console, which is an upgraded version of their previous Legacy consoles. It looks features large 500 series and 200 series racks, making it highly customizable.

Some impressive booths were on display, as well. AEA’s collection of ribbon microphones continues to expand. I’m particularly fond of their newer active ribbon miss, the Nuvo 8 and 22. The 8 has very little around the ribbon, and is very effective when placed at a distance from the sound source. The 22, conversely, has a larger membrane around the ribbon, and is better suited when used in close-mic’d situations. They also had one of Les Paul’s 5 original 44’s on display!

More to come…