Or so they say… 27/7-2014

With synths it’s best when they stop trying to emulate. Something like Reaktor is absolutely fantastic, but when you go through magazines and see what’s coming out, it’s page after page of emulations, even of gear that’s already been emulated...

Or so they say… 18/5-2014

Fashion dictates that itb is sensible, like pensions, conic cars, healthy eating and regular exercise. Where is the fun in that? You don’t live longer it just feels like it. – Alex Eden

Or so they say… 11/5-2014

For some reason I have not had much luck boosting high end with plugin EQs. Not sure what it is, but it just doesn’t seem to open up the way hardware EQs do when boosting. – Eric Valentine

Or so they say… 23/3-2014

Don’t tell me you don’t have the right equipment […] It doesn’t matter! What matters is your musical imagination and your ideas. – Steve Reich